Saturday, March 26, 2011


I sure hope I am not jumping the gun here.  Both Lola and Sparkle have been bred and not the big "waiting game" starts.  Sparkle's due date is May 14th and Lola's is May 24th.

I will be having ultrasounds done on both girls to determine if they are pregnant.   Maybe I'll even have "pictures" from the ultrasound to post.

I guess I had better just enjoy the remaining days I have left before the Puppypalooza!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring 2011...hmmm

The calender says it's the first day of spring but looking out my patio door I'm just having problems believing it.  This has been the longest winter I can remember.  It seems to be never-ending.  Surely spring has to come sometime?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

R Litter - The Hopeful Beginning

Today Sparkle was inseminated via transervical technique.  The semen was shipped from Victoria, BC on Friday afternoon and arrived in Saskatoon this morning at 9:30 via FedEx.  At 12:30 - the semen was inserted into Sparkle's uterus using a device that goes in through the cervix.  It's done in less than 10 minutes - she just stands there (no sedation).  The device has a camera on the end so it's easy for the vet to pinpoint the cervix and in goes the cathetar and the a little push and in goes the fresh chilled semen.  The body temperature warms up the sperm and off they go on their merry little journey to find the eggs.

We did three progesterone tests last week to pinpoint ovulation.

Here's hoping that R Litter is cooking right now. Sparkle's due date will be May 14th.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Showy Joey earns a Group 4th

Joey and I traveled to Prince Albert, SK this weekend and spent a great 3 days up at the show.  Despite temperatures around -30C we had a wonderful time showing and just hanging out with all the other dog people.  PA puts on such a nice show.

Joey earned a Group 4th under Judge Carol Graham on Saturday.  I was so pleased with my old man - he turns 7 years old next month and he still looks like a 4 year old.  He's so handsome that I can't look directly at him.

Happy Birthday L Litter

L Litter out of Can/Am Ch. Oberland's Don't Think Twice (Dylan) x Ch. Kiimberlite's Ebony Diamond (Bonnie) turned 8 years old on March 5th!

Belly rubs to all the Lers!