Sunday, April 24, 2011

April is Birthday Month

So many birthdays this month.  So Happy Birthday to all you Kimberlite berners.

Special mention goes to Kimberlite's Foreign Affair (Reigny) who turned 11 years old April 23.  She is the last survivor of the F litter.

Happy 2nd birthday to Q Litter - born April 13.

Happy Birthday TODAY to O Litter - you are all 6 years old. The entire litter is still alive and well. 

Tomorrow is N litters 7th birthday.

April 28th is the 9th birthday of I litter. To the best of my knowledge 4 remain from that litter of 10.

Hugs and kisses to all you Kimberlite berners...hopefully you all get lots of belly rubs and special treats.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sparkle - just over 4 weeks

I am 99 percent sure that Sparkle is pregnant.  She has been extremely sucky and I see a bit of a  swell in her belly.  She is also very hungry and has twice raided the garbage can.  I have to be much more vigilant now in securing the gate to the kitchen.  I was going to do an ultrasound but decided that I'll just wait and see.  Either she is or she isn't.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sadly, Can. Ch. Kimberlite's Imagine was euthanized Sat. April 9, 2011 due to complications of bloat.  Johnny was best friend and love of her life to Jane.  He was a registered therapy dog and brought many smiles to many people's faces.  Johnny would have turned 9 years old this month.  Tears and Hugs dear Jane  - my heart aches for you.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tweet Return

Saw my first robin this morning.  I'd love to think it is "Tweet" all grown up. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

Red Deer Show Weekend

I went to a dog show with Joey this weekend in Red Deer, Alberta. Last week, I had carefully shopped for a cosmetic bag that has 4 compartments and hangs off the back of a door - this way I could organize all my toiletries. I packed it nicely on Thursday morning. I had bathed and groomed Joey the night before and had packed all my gear and was on the road by 10:30 am Thursday morning.

It was a good drive - the highways were bare and the weather was sunny. I arrived in Red Deer around 4:30 pm. I found my benching spot and set-up my equipment, then went to check into the motel (Motel 6) but they cannot find my reservation. I had booked it online a couple of weeks ago and I do remember receiving a confirmation number but never wrote it down. I did however have it in my email so used the motels computer to locate that email. That's when I discovered that I had made reservations for the following week. Luckily, they had a room for me - and thankfully I had come the correct weekend for the dogshow rather than next weekend. Sheesh.

I can't say enough about Motel 6 in Red Deer - it's extremely clean; they don't charge extra for dogs; they give you a dog collar; they give you dog treats; they have high speed QUALITY internet (I could stream Netflixs) and it's very affordable.

I dragged all my luggage up to my room on the 2nd floor and was unpacking and hanging up my showclothes. I went to hang my cosmetic organizer on the back of bathroom door only to discover that I had left it in my own bathroom. I had a small freak out wondering if I had also left my glasses at home too. I was relieved to find my glasses in my purse (this after I had strewn the contents of my bags around the room looking for them). Fortunately, I had packed my shampoos, blow dryer, and make-up (you don't want to see me without that!). But I was still without basic and necessary items (including my jewelry). So, off I went to London Drugs to replace those much needed items. I also had to go and buy Joey a different dogfood as he decided the stuff he was eating was POISON!

So - I am finally ok and have all the things I need and I go out for a nice supper with my good friend Paul. Got back to my room around 10:00 pm and plugged in my laptop and watched Netflixs (I LOVE IT) and fell alsleep.

Up around 7 am on Friday morning and get Joey out for his morning "walkie", then back up to my room to get ready for the first show. The schedule I saw online said my ringtime was 11:00 am. I got to the showbuilding around 9 a.m. and was just strolling around and meeting other dog people when someone mentions to me that ringtime is 10:00 am. The schedule I saw was wrong. OK - better go and groom my dog! Got Joey primped and fluffed and then go off to change into my show clothes. Here I discover I'd packed my "small" black slacks. Last time I tried to wear those I looked like I was stuffed in a sausage casing. Imagine my delight when I discovered they fit again! Yippee!

I was just fine for ringtime - but there were many people who also read the wrong judging schedule and were quite upset. Mistakes like this can cause a lot of problems especially with people (pro handlers) who have multiple dogs and rely on the integrity of the judging schedule to manage their time. I think there was a lot of swearing going on that day.

The rest of the weekend went smoothly without me having any more mishaps. Joey earned Best of Breed all three days. I'd like to express my congratulations to:

  • Adelaide for her first home-bred champion. I know what a thrill that is and how special.
  • Monica for her nice win with 6 month old Fergie - she is a lovely puppy
  • Ursula for her boy's new championship (I am having a brain fart for his name)
  • Ruth for her girl's win on Sunday
  • Wanda for Solo's win
  • and last but never least, Paul for Lucy's Best of Opposite on Sunday

 Now Lucy was quite the showstopper - literally. Lucy was in standing heat on Sunday and all the boys knew it - especially Solo. I had a difficult time getting Joey's attention, but poor Solo he was howling and jumping around. Wanda certainly EARNED that win on Sunday! The ring stewart told us that we were the most AMUSING breed all weekend. It was a total gong show.


The drive home was good - once again bare, dry pavement. Luckily the storm that hit Calgary did not progress to Red Deer. I did have one moment though - I passed an oncoming police cruiser only to see in my rearview mirror him quickly turn around. I figured... BUSTED! He was coming up fast behind me with his flashers on. I pulled over and much to my relief he sped by me and pulled over the truck that was ahead of me. WHEW!


Got home around 7:30 pm on Sunday much to the delight of Lola, Sparkle and Bogart. I was greated with much howling, leaping, sniffing and licks. I just love coming home to that kind of welcome. It's always nice to sleep in your own bed.