Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clever Coyote - You Win This Battle

I know it's been a long time since I last posted. We've been doing some major cleaning on the premises - inside and out. The dogs are doing fine.

Tonight, a coyote serenaded us for at least 1/2 hour - yips, howls and chortles....they sound like manical howling lunatics. This coyote has been leaving lots of "presents" on our property. I've found a "present" outside my window (we live in a passive solar home, so our bedroom window is at ground level) - so this coyote has been peering at us while we sleep (leaves a calling card). I've found the "present" in my garden and at various locations close to our house. So, this coyote has been up close and personal.

Anyway - this coyote is now just a few metres outside our yard - yipping and howling. I went out and tried to scare it away, but it didn't move. So, I went back into the house and armed myself with a paddle and my camera - and then put on sturdy shoes...because I planned on chasing this coyote through the field. Here I am donned in all my "armour" and go outside ready to "fight" and it's gone. This thing has been sitting there yipping for almost 1/2 hour (not to mention poops at my window when I sleep) and then just disappears when I come out to challenge it. To add to insult, I stepped in a big dog turd.

Clever coyote.

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  1. Was that Wile E Coyote out there? LOL! I'm surprised he hung out as long as he did - I thought they were suppose to be shy!


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