Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend at Fernie - Part 2

Up fairly early on Saturday and after a lovely breakfast we head off to the Timber Lodge chairlift for a ride up the mountain. Now, although I was a skier for about 25 years (but have not skied since moving to the prairies), I am afraid of heights and am not a happy camper on the lifts - especially when they go over gorges that plunge about 100 feet down. I once was suspended over such a gorge -(Whistler Mountain) the chair had stopped for several minutes - my seatmate - evil B that she was, took great delight in swinging the chair and watching me cry. So anyway - it had been many years since I last took a chair lift (I have no problems skiing down though). So, I rode the lift with my Dad and my sister and I hung on for dear life while they wiggled around in the chair and asked me "what was wrong"?

Despite me being frozen in place, I did manage to look around a bit (moved my eyes). The temperature slowly dropped while we ascended the mountain. It was a bit foggy at the top, but the views were still spectacular. Thankfully, the little chalet at the top had a small restaurant and I got the best mug of hot chocolate laced with real whipped cream that I have drank. I savoured that heavenly brew while I silently worried about the trip back down the mountain on the chair. That is way scarier because there is no mountain in front of you - only sheer drops. We spent about 1/2 hour drinking in the sights and then it was time to go back down. I took the chair down by myself - no way was I going to let those two wiggly things on a chair with me. After the initial drop at the top, I managed to open my eyes and finally relaxed and enjoyed the glorious scenery. I would have loved to have taken a few photos while on the chair but between my frozen state and contemplating moving I was also worried that I'd drop the bloody camera - well, I did manage to take some photos at the top of the mountain.

Of interest - the mountain bikers are amazing - they take the lifts up and then scream like demons on their bikes down the mountain not only do they pit themselves against the sheer gravity of plunging downhill, but they also weave in and out of the trees as well as going over jumps and all manner of apparatuses. What an amazing sport!

I made it down the mountain with my sanity intact and now it's time to get ready for the wedding. Off to bathe, primp, dress and perfume myself. The wedding is at 2 pm and so far it is shaping it to be a beautiful day.

It's a small, intimate wedding of about 50 people and because the weather is cooperating the ceremony is performed outside. Leanne is gorgeous and I cannot believe that I am crying my eyes out (big wracking sobs) - I always thought people who cried at weddings were just putting on a show - but I could not stop the tears from flowing. And now my dear nephew is a married man.

The bride, groom and wedding party went off to places unknown for their pictures - I understand they took pictures on the chairlift! So - the wedding guests were left to amuse themselves in the lovely Lizard Creek Lodge. A light lunch came out with these amazing appetizers made of a melted cheese basket filled with brouchetta (sp?) and then some chicken skewers, veggie rolls and some lime flavoured shrimp...YUM!

The wedding party returned around 6 pm - and the common area around the huge fireplace was transformed into a dining area and hardwood dance floor had been laid over the carpet. We dined on a buffet of roast beef and chicken accompanied by many vegetable dishes, pickles, olives and of course an assortment of decadent deserts. A few speeches and then finally the first dance - again I was choked up watching the lovely bride and groom have their first dance together as a married couple.

The DJ was spectacular - not only did he surprise us with many dances and costumes but he took any requests and had all the music -he was never stumped. The music was fantastic and I danced like a woman possessed. Finally after several "last songs" the DJ finally declared it was OVER and I stumbled into bed around 1:30 am.

Well, morning arrived (way too early) and OMG! I was so stiff I could barely walk. My hips! My hips! What was I thinking? I cannot do the low rocking to the floor dance anymore - did I think I was 25 years old? I was paying royally for the dancing - but it was worth it!

I left around 9:30 am and made it to Medicine Hat around 2 pm. I could just manage to drag myself out of the truck and limped to the front desk, where the clerk took pity on my broken body and upgraded my room and assured me that I would not have to climb any stairs to get to my room.

I suffered for several days and was only able to walk kind of normal around Thursday.

Cheers Gord and Leanne - may you have a wonderful and prosperous life together. Thank you for including me in your celebration - it was the best wedding I have ever attended!

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