Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Aunt Deb

I became a Great Aunt on May 16 at 3:15 pm.  My niece Jenny gave birth to her daughter, Colombe.  What a wonderful day.  I managed to drive to Yorkton, SK yesterday to suprise Jen, new dad Neil and new Gramma Dar (I thought I'd be busy with pups).  Darlene and I ended up driving to Regina that day to deliever the stem cell blood to the airport so it could be shipped to Vancouver.  Fedex SCREWED UP and did not pick up the package for delivery despite arrangements made the day before.  FedEX picked up someone else's stem cell blood instead.  Makes you go hmmmm - wonder if that blood was delivered to the right place?  This stem cell blood is precious and time sensitive and for FedEX to screw up like that (and it's expensive - parents pay around $2,500 to get the blood stored).  Shame on you FedEX.

Anyway - Gramma Dar and Great Aunt Deb saved the day and delivered the package to Regina.  It was quite the journey.  We had problems finding the aiport (not great signage Regina). Then trying to find Air Canada Cargo...sheesh.  The signs at the aiport did not point to the terminal.  However, the staff at Air Canada Cargo were top notch.  They have done this shipping of stem cell blood so many times.  Thank you!

And after that, we were headed back to Yorkton (2 hour drive) and managed to get lost.  Found ourselves headed to Winnipeg.  Well, we did get back on course and arrived back in Yorkton around 8:45 pm.  Had a great dinner at the York Steak House and then got back to our hotel and watched a movie on Netflix.

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