Friday, November 1, 2013

Kimberlite's Kindred Spirit - "Lady"

"Lady" was the love of my parent's life.  She was the perfect berner in every way. She was also the biggest female I've ever seen, her normal weight was 125 pounds.  She was bigger than many males.  A gentle creature who spent her salad days on the farm in Shelburn, Ontario.  One of her favourite activities was to ride on the golf cart up and down the grass runway.  She loved that golf cart so much that often she would take it around herself by sitting on the gas pedal.  Many a time, my parents would see the golf cart whizzing, they had start taking out the keys.

I got to see Lady 5 days before she passed away. My parents were out west visiting and brought Lady with them.  I knew she was not feeling well and just before they left my house I gave her a special hug and kiss because I knew that was the last time I would ever see her.   I didn't expect her to be gone in 5 days, but one morning she just could not get her rear end up. 

Lady was part of the K litter and was born a few days ahead of the L litter.  I raised the K and L litter together, with moms Pal and Genie exchanging puppies for nursing.  Lady had the scarlet ID band.

I painted this picture of Lady and it now hangs in my parents house.  She was 10.5 years old.

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