Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cats Can Swim!

Unfortunately, we missed a really good photo opportunity tonight as the memory card on my camera was full. I decided to take our male cat, Mr. Slinky, for a boat ride. Well - he had other plans. The instant I put him in the boat he started whining - like somehow he doesn't like water? I got out a couple of feet from shore and he stands on the bow- meowing and I thought - great - he's going to stay in the boat and go for a ride. NOPE. Now, this is where we really missed the photo opportunity - he launched himself like "Free Willy" - a lovely dive from the bow of the boat and he swam to shore.

Now, since the pond is so full of algae, not only did Mr. Slinky have to lower himself to swimming, but he also had to be showered with fresh water - with me holding him and Peter using the garden hose...yes his claws were out (and I would have deserved any scratch - but, he's such a good boy he never tried to claw me).

Have you ever seen a p**ed off cat?

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