Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dog Showing This Weekend in the USA

I am sitting here in my motel room in Helena, Montana. I left on Tuesday night and spent the night at Swift Current. Was on the road on Wednesday by 8:30 am and headed towards the border crossing at Climax. The guards there were quite thorough and checked all my paperwork, inspected the van to make sure I was not bringing in anything illegal. After I get the OK to proceed - I have to drive through these two big pillars that x-ray the vehicle to see if there is any "radiation". If, it finds radiation, then your vehicle is subject to a much deeper inspection. Fortunately, I was not carrying any radiation - however, I'm sure if the dogs had of farted the thing may have gone off.

It's hot here in the West -- and yesterday was one of the hottest days. With mercury at 91 degrees F, here I am driving with front and rear air conditioner working, cruise control (and Montana has a speed limit of 75 mph) and I am climbing mountains. I glance down at my dashboard and check the gauges only to see (to my horror) that the temperature gauge is in the redline! Oh! Oh! Last thing I need is my van overheating. So, I rolled down the windows. Shut off the A/C and take off the cruise control, turn the dial to defrost and turn the heat on FULL BLAST. I can literally see the temperature gauge dropping.

I've forgotten how noisy it is to ride with windows opened. Anyway, I had to continue to do this full heat - back to A/C all the way to Helena - but at least my van did not explode (6 hour drive). The dogs were not too uncomfortable as the wind blew back in the van. However - my hair was another story. I didn't look at myself in the mirror until I was almost ready for bed and much to my horror see that my hair is sticking up at 90 degree angles - courtesy of the wind blowing through the windows). I was a delight to look at. And I thought people were looking at me because I am so stunning...ha ha...NOPE - it's because I looked so stunned.

Got settled in nicely in my room and and enjoying my time with my room mate Vicky. We had an early night - I think I was asleep by 10 pm.

Up early thought and off the show. While I tried my best, we didn't get any points today. But, I have 3 more crossing my fingers.

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