Friday, November 6, 2009

December Puppies!

While I have not taken either Sparkle or Ophie for an official pregnancy test, I am 99 percent sure Sparkle is pregnant. She is displaying all the symptoms - super sucky, wanting to lick me, not wanting me from her sight, and taking very precious care of her "delicate" self :-). She is 5 weeks into her pregnancy and I can see the tell-tale swelling of her belly.

Ophie is being a bit different this time round and so I think she may have conceived also. She's also on the suckier side and wants to cling to me. She would be 4 weeks pregnant.

I will be bringing both girls in on their last week of pregnancy to determine puppy count.

I will also be putting the "Pup Cam" back online once the action starts. Maybe we will be lucky this time and the girls will deliver their pups at home.

Stay tuned.

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