Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dog Gone Exchange Rate

I wish this was my story but it's not - this one belongs to my friend Lynne and her berner puppy "Chloe".  Lynne and Paul went off to a wedding in Newfoundland a week or so ago and left their berners in the capable and loving hands of their neighbours, June and Ken.  Ken, took the dogs out for carrides and along the way stopped and picked up a big bag of milkbones and $400.00 from the bank.  He had another errand to do, and left the bag of milkbones and envelope of money in the car, with the dogs (or maybe it was just Chloe).  When he returned, the milkbones were gone and the bag they were contained in AND also the 400 dollars.

Subsequent following of Chloe on her "grand rounds" shows she has deposited $60.00 into the "Earth Bank".

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