Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ophie and the Surprise Weekend

This past weekend Ophie went to live with her new family, Sheryl and Barry Feller (who live near Winnipeg).  I've known Sheryl and Barry for many years as they got a berner from very first litter (Basil) - and now have Blubebear Bernese.  

We arranged to meet in Yorkton, as my neice Jenny is nursing up in Swan River, MB and she had a couple of days off so we would have an overnight visit in the big city of Yorkton.  Well, I had a brainstorm (hee hee).  I phoned my sister, Darlene and suggested she fly out to Saskatoon and we'd surprise Jenny in Yorkton.  She thought that was a great idea and booked her flight.

Thursday rolls around and I pick up Darlene at the airport.  I've been in contact with Jenny and she is none the wiser that her mother will be there.  Darlene and I are both very excited and scheming on how this "surprise" should go down.  Should we check into the room and wait for Jenny to knock on the door?  Or should I be in the room with Jenny and have her mom knock on the door?  Or maybe go into a restaurant and have her mom come up and say hi.  All sorts of scenarios are going through our heads.  Jenny decides to drive to Yorkton on Thursday night, so now the element of surprise is a bit different.

The drive on Friday was good - the highways were very wet so I used lots of "squirt" but at least the roads were not icy. It was a bit foggy so we didn't see much in the way of landscape. We arrive around 1 pm and decided to meet Jenny at the Boston Pizza. We get into a booth and wait for her to come in. I see her approach and stand up and she comes up to hug me. She still has not seen her mother - and then I point to her mom and the look on her face was priceless! (see photos).

The Fellers arrive around 5 pm and Ophie greets them with enthusiasm. We went out for a wonderful dinner at the York Steak House (I highly recommend it) and then spent the evening watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies...what a comedy.

And now we down to 5 berners.  The house seems very empty now.

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