Monday, September 20, 2010

Glacier Bay and College Fjord

The last two days of the cruise found us gazing at the these spectacular glaciers.  We were so fortunate with the weather - it was the best week of 2010 and apparently for College Fjord - the best in 4 years.

Glacier Bay

We cruised down Glacier Bay and then the ship creeped up, ever so softly, towards John Hopkins Glacier.  She floated there for at least an hour.  The captain turned her starboard for 1/2 hour and then port.  And then we steamed away.

The first time in 4 years that anyone has seen all the glaciers at the same time.  There are over 150,000 glaciers in Alaska and many of them are along College Fjord.  All the glaciers in this fjord are named after colleges, except for Princeton (they didn't like that college when naming went on).  The biggest glacier - Hubbard  - biggest glacier (I thought they said Harvard) are seen here.

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