Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Still Here

Yep - I am still alive.  What's been happening, you might wonder?  Well, since my last post the following:

  • I became a great Aunt for the 2nd time in December.
  • I learned that I am to become a Great Aunt for the 3rd time in May (and it's a girl)
  • We put in new laminate flooring in the kitchen and family room (it's gorgeous)
  • I had my family over for the Christmas holidays and I had one gorgeous tree (see photos)
  • Sadly Kimberlite's Indian Summer (Marley) beloved boy of Scott and Bertha passed away in December.
  • I slept through New Years 2011
  • I haven't been outside since Thanksgiving because it's been too cold
  • Lola passed her eye tests and her hips are normal and her elbows are normal
  • My boyfriend, Bogart, was terribly ill last week and had to have emergency surgery - but he is recovering (poop and grass stuck in his gut).

We are gearing up for breedings in 2011.  I am anticipating Sparkle going into season any day now and will have further information on her upcoming breeding soon.  We will be breeding Lola on her next heat too, which I anticipate happening around May.

My tree

Happy New Year from Baby Puddy!
Bogart (my boyfriend) sporting his new hat.

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