Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thankfully, I have Netflix!

I had plans to go to work today, but Bogart still wants to lick his incision and so he has to wear the evil cone.  I will not leave him alone with that thing on.  In any case, it's -36C with the windchill (that's -32.8 F).  You know COLD!   It's the wind - obviously blowing in from the arctic.

I've straightened every closet in the house and tidied up the clutter.  I've updated my website and taken care of personal correspondence.  I am going to make a pot of potato soup too - however, that's only going to take about an hour of my time.

Thankfully, I signed up to Netflixs and can stream movies to my PC (hook it to my TV to watch it on the bigscreen).  What will I watch today?  Comedy?  Thriller?  Horror?

Tried watching "Sleuth" - the original, but, it was just too silly for me. 

Made the BEST poatote soup. I've never made it before, but, oh my - I think I made a winner!

Now am attempting to watch "Silent Running" a 1971 science fiction flick starring Bruce Dern.

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