Monday, February 14, 2011

My Heartthrob Turns 9 Today!

"Bogart" turns 9 years old today.  His fancy name is AKC/CKC Kasablanca's L-Sins Heartthrob, but, I just call him my boyfriend.

We found out last week that Bogart LOVES fur.  My sister was visiting me and Bogart went into her room and rummaged through her suitcase (for some reason dogs love to rummage through personal effects) and he found her fur mittens.  He comes sauntering out and casually passes us by with these mittens stuffed in his mouth.  He was quite polite about the whole thing and was not trying to sneak by with them.  We had a good laugh and took the mittens from him.  About 1/2 hour later - out he comes again with the mittens stuffed in his mouth.  We was quite smitten with the mittens!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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