Saturday, February 19, 2011

Still Rockin' and Fresh - Heart

Last night Peter and I went to see the legendary band "Heart" in Saskatoon.  The bandly barely made it as their tour busses were stranded just west of Winnipeg due to a blizzard and Highway 1 was closed.  With the mercury dipping to -30 C and a windchill of close to -40 C, the band did make it with just minimal time to set-up and performed to a sold out and estatic, mainly grey haired audience in Saskatoon.

Wow!  That Ann Wilson sure has a set of pipes - she can still belt it out and hit those notes.  No wonder she is called the female Robert Plant. Or maybe we should call Robert Plant the male Ann Wilson.  And Nancy  - I had no idea that she was so tiny, but, she is one amazing guitar player as well as an awesome singer in her own right.  The vocal harmonies of those sisters are so tight.  Their last songs were the iconic "Magic Man", "Crazy on You" and the finale "Barracuda".

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