Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Pupdate

Red is 11 pounds. Purple is 10 pounds 8 oz Gold is 11 pounds.

Quite the day. I picked my mom up at from the airport - she is visiting from Ontario - she met her "grand puppies" today. We brought them outside again today but it was quite warm and they only wanted to dig under the deck. Everyone is doing well.

At this stage in their life they explore their surroundings with great curiosity and also put anything they can find in their mouths. They like to chew things like table and chair legs and most especially fleshy tender bits such as ears, paws and fingers and often chew them way too hard. When they bite too hard, the other sibling will cry and move away and thus play ends and this is how they learn "bite inhibition. They learn to soften their bites so that play doesn't end. We humans also will cry out when the pups bite us, so that they know that they cannot bite us either. Sparkle will give a quick growl and show a few teeth to them if they bite her too hard. I also will growl at the pups if they are biting me too hard - they quickly ease off on the pressure.

They are highly entertaining now and I am enjoying watching them tussle and play. They are getting into snarl fests with each other - vying for "top puppy" spot.


  1. They look great - we can't wait to see them next weekend!

  2. What a great shot of the two siblings lying together...!!


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