Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Pupdate - Week 7

It's hard to believe that the tenors will be 7 weeks old tomorrow. I have not been doing much blogging lately since these pups are taking up a lot of time. Here's what has happened just this morning. I got up at 8 am and it's now 10 am. What have I done in those two hours? Fed the big dogs, fed the puppies. Cleaned up the puppy pen. Put puppies outside for a romp. Cleaned up the yard. Had a brief hot tub and watched the ducks and geese on the pond. Hear pups screaming - they don't like their pen outside. Go and bring pups into the house and let them play in the atrium. One puppy gets his head stuck in the gate - have to push him through to the otherside. I start to put the big dogs outside. Put puppy pen back together after cleaning it. Put in a load of laundry. Watch puppies tear up the atrium (note the before picture and then after the pups trash the place). Eat my own breakfast. Pups finally fall alseep. In about another hour or so - the whole thing starts all over again. In the meantime - I need to vaccum the house, mow the lawn and weed the gardens. I also hope to get individual puppy pictures today too.

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