Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Black Holes and Briefcases

I was at work today and when I work my attention is focused on the task at hand, so I don't like to have my purse with me, as I cannot keep an eye on it. So, instead I just put the necessary items I require in my briefcase. I keep that at my feet all the time. My briefcase has a zippered pouch on the flap, and I used that for my cell phone, car keys, camera and my VISA card (I was thinking I might do some shopping in this store after my work was complete). I was going over the merchandise display with the manager and had him sign the paperwork. I opened up the pouch to retrieve my cellphone and that's when I realized it was empty.

I can't believe it. I check it again - nothing. I check the other pockets and areas in the briefcase - nothing. I'm thinking...NO! NO! - this cannot be happening...again (two years ago I had my van broken into and my purse stolen that contained all my ID).

The manager, Joe, even went through my briefcase and could not find anything. I just couldn't understand how I had lost these items or if someone had stolen them. Joe couldn't figure out how someone had stolen them either since we were both standing there. I thought - well maybe the zipper to the pouch was opened and the items had fallen out. We checked with Customer Service and other locations to see if anyone had turned in the items. No.

So - now I am starting to panic. Not only do I not have my cell phone, but it is the company camera (so I would have to replace that). I have to cancel my VISA and suspend my cell phone account, and how am I supposed to drive back home when I do not have car keys?

I want to call Peter (and he is in Regina again this day) but I don't know what his cell phone number is (as it is recorded on my cell phone list). I phone is work and talk to their security and they give me his cell phone number. Joe, the manager, was kind enough to lend me his cell phone. I phone what I think is Peter's cell but it is not the correct number. Meanwhile the minutes are ticking by and the would-be thief could be racking up a big VISA bill and who know what kind of long distance charges. I phone back to Peter's work and tell them that's the wrong number - but they do not have his most recent cell phone number(he has a company cell phone). I talked to another of his co-workers who does have his number. I finally manage to contact Peter and ask him to please start driving back to Saskatoon - I've been robbed (again) and please cancel my VISA and call the phone company. I run out to the parking lot thinking - what if my car is gone! Joe says to me, there's lots of cars out there and chances of the theif finding your van are slim. I realize that is logical but at this point logic is taking a back seat to panic.

I'm thinking great...what a fine day this is turning out to be. I walk back to the section in the store that I was working in to look around some more. Maybe the stuff has been kicked under and display. I cannot see anything. I then figure - why not call my cell phone and listen for the ring - maybe it's close by. I call and suddenly my briefcase plays the familiar jingle (The Can Can) of my cell ringer. I look at Joe! What? We checked this thing. We pull that briefcase apart again -and finally I realize the little pouch is not a little pouch - it's folded and it's a really big pouch and everything has fallen into the back. I didn't even know this "black hole" existed. There are my "stolen" items.

Talk about feeling like a total moron. Joe, gentleman that he is, told me it could happen to anyone.

So, I phone the credit card company and reinstate my VISA. Get a hold of Peter, who is on the road driving towards my rescue, to tell him everything is fine he can go back to work. Obviously, he didn't call the phone company.

I finished my work.

Thank you Joe - you really helped me and I hope you enjoy your retirement (he retires in 2 weeks).

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