Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rain Day Sunday

We are receiving rain - finally. This is going to help the crops so much and I sure hope it grows the much needed grass for the cattle. We are having a bad drought here in Saskatchewan and Alberta. We ourselves are ok in terms of water for lawns and garden as we have our pond that we draw water from - but we do have potable water trucked in and deposited in our cistern (capacity of 2000 gallons). Others are not so lucky so they either have to pay to water their plants/trees/lawn or let them die.

We still have one pup here (Mr. Purple) and he is certainly keeping us entertained. He's been most amusing during the early evenings - especially when we are outside lounging in the hot tub. We let him run around and he chases bugs and cats, does zoomies and then tries to leap into the tub with us. Our big ole tomcat, Mr. Slinky, plays with him on a daily basis - and of course big sister Lola is ever the great baby sitter. Of course, he also cruises for cat poop in the flower beds...a disgusting habit of dogs. Or - he finds the "killing spots" of the cats and I have to chase him around the lawn to grab whatever dead thing it is he found. Of course, he's doing his best to try and swallow it before I catch him.

I've been crate training him, and last night he put himself to bed and slept through until 6 am this morning. I put him out for potty and then put him back in the crate and he was a good boy until 7:30. He is very cheeky and saucy and he knows when he's done something wrong. I will say NO or bad puppy and he will bark at me and run away. However - he certainly knows if I say NO or OUCH that he is supposed to stop doing whatever he is doing. He is a very resilient puppy. Loves to chase the broom when I am sweeping - sniffs the vaccum (not afraid of that noise)and of course - likes to chew on anything he can find. He's also very good in the car now and simply goes to sleep in the crate.

Pal is doing well - she gets her staples out tomorrow. Sparkle has lost most of her hair (this always happens after a litter) and she is resembling a worn-torn shelter dog. She's almost down to her guard hairs. Mr. Purple still tries to nurse but she growls him off - he just sits there and barks at her. Everyone is blowing out their coats, so our house is quite hairy. I got three dogs bathed yesterday - taking advantage of the sunny weather and strong south breeze. I washed them outside and blew them dry on the deck. This way the hair was not in the house. I hope to get everyone done in the next week.

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