Monday, June 8, 2009

Pal Is Home

I have my old girl home again. I was feeling so happy this morning after Dr. Gilbert called me to say that Pal was doing wonderful and he felt that she would be much happier here at home and that he would release her at 4:30 this afternoon. So, I drove to town and stopped at a store, did some shopping, got back in my van, turned the key...the van would not start. WTF?

Tried again. Nope. Oh come on, I'm thinking. Our truck died on Friday and it is in the shop - this cannot be happening. I phoned CAA and a tow truck came by and towed the van to our garage. I called Peter, who was enroute from Regina that I was stranded in Saskatoon. I walked from our garage to a car rental place about 4 blocks down the road - but they didn't have anything to rent.

Meanwhile I'm on my cell phone to the vet telling him that I might not be able to pick up Pal tonight as I don't have any transportation. He said that he'd make out all the discharge papers and I could pick her up after hours if I made it to the clinic.

Peter arrived in Saskatoon around 5:45 pm and we got to the vet college and picked up Pal. We decided to go to the airport and rent a vehicle there. NOPE - nothing available.

So - now I am at home and will be stranded here. If I have to travel to town tomorrow my only means of transport is my riding lawn mower.

But at least Pal is home. She is quiet and resting in the kitchen. She looks like a manical groomer went nuts with the shaving shears and decided to try and make a berner look like a poodle. She's had a couple of lumps removed over the years and all the old scars are visible - perhaps I should call her "Frankinbernerstein"

I hope things improve soon.


  1. Hugs to your crazy looking girl!! Here's to peace and health...

  2. So glad to hear Pal is home!


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