Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday H Litter

The H litter turns 8 years old today. I remember when these guys were born. Genie had to have a C-section and I had brought Bonnie along so her two babies could have their dewclaws removed. Well, as Genies babies were delivered we popped them on Bonnie to nurse and much to Bonnie's delight because she only two babies of her own and I am sure she figured that she had more babies and I kept them hidden from her. Since Genie had 7 puppies, Bonnie was happy to help nurse the babies and the two moms raised the litters together.

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  1. Magnum says thanks for the birthday wishes!! He is going to get his birthday cake with raspberries and ice cream very soon!! Of course he has to share with his brothers!! Hope all is well with all your fur kids!!



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