Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Bird

A baby robin must have fallen out of its nest and into the dog yard. I found this poor little fellow being carried around in Lola's mouth. I brought him inside and tried to dry his feathers (I should have washed him first) since dog siliva is quite sticky. He's recovering - sitting up and will even perch on my finger. I suppose I could try and climb up the tree and put him back in the nest, but I don't want the mom to abandon the entire nest (if I disturb it). The little guy has some feathers missing. He's sitting in a bowl on my desk while I write this post.

Anyone know what I can feed this little guy? I tried to get bugs off the front of my car, but, he didn't want them. I wonder if he might eat tinned cat food?

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  1. You can still save the baby and go ahead and put it back in the nest. It's a myth that the mother will abandon the nest (the only bird that does this is the Loon which I recently just had happened to me.) I would try when the mother is out getting food. Looking at the age of the Robin - it's approaching the juvenile stage so it might be getting ready to learn how to fly. Good luck!


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