Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well, Round Robin - or Tweet is still around and totally taking over our lives. He (?) is quite demanding and when hungry chirps incessently until fed. We have allowed him free reign of the house (when the cats are outside) and he just sits up in the atrium among the plants (pooping). We have been fetching him and bringing him down for feeding, but today, he has decided that he will come down when he's hungry. He now flies down and perches on my head - signalling that..."HEY - I am hungry - FEED ME!"

When we cannot watch him and guarantee his safety from the cats, we have put him in the back room. When I open the door - he CHIRPS loud and then flies towards me - and perches on my head.

I have to go and find live crickets and teach him how to feed himself. I am hoping to get some "cool" video of him flying down and perching on my head.

Stay tuned.

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