Monday, June 7, 2010

Round Robin - 1 Week Later

Hope you enjoy this video of Round Robin One Week Later. I phoned a licensed rehab wild-life person (Jan) and she told me I can put a plate of worms (shiver) down on the floor and he will learn to self feed - it's instinctive. Then, I will release him outside. I've been having a lot of fun with him. He flies down for feedings and perches on my head, squawks like crazy when being fed and then once he's done, he has a poop, and then flies back up amongst the plants.


  1. Yippee .. good job Deb!! (Jenn, Toronto, ON)

  2. That is amazing! Love the way the Berner forhead just sneaks up for a lick of Fancy Feast.

  3. Unbelievable Deb! What a great job you have done with little Robin man. But ... will he ever leave the "nest"?

    My dogs have brought me birds before but they were too young I think. I tried feeding,etc., but they had worms or something and never made it.

    This is the cutest thing.

    Hopefully kitty smelled food and wasn't really after Robin man ... but cats will be cats.

    I need to send you recent photos of Sparkle's cousin Bella. She is one smart and gorgeous girl. We love her!!


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