Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bath Time and Tweet News

I've been wanting to give everyone their spring baths, but it has been so wet here (May being the wettest on record) that there was no sense in waiting for a sunny day to bathe the dogs outside. They were so dirty - I just couldn't stand them anymore. So, into the tub they went. I was hoping to blow dry them on the deck, but, the mosquitoes put a stop to that - clouds of them - so, blow drying in the back room.

Of course, each one of them had to shake all the way through the house and into the dog room (after the bath)...oh well, it wipes up and the floors needed to be washed anyway.

In the past, it has taken me at least 2-3 days to get all the dogs bathed, but, now that we are down to 3 dogs - well they were all done this morning. I could probably make a small garden out of the dirt that washed from their coats.

Lola was sure blowing coat - once I applied the forced air blow dryer , The Master Blaster (18 amp - two motors) her old coat came off in sheets reminiscent of felt. I am sure she feels much better. She carries such a heavy coat for a female - she rivals males.

Now all the dogs are groomed and smell sweet. I love the feel of freshly bathed berners.

The Tweet Beat

I get the Tweet Greet every morning when I go outside and off Tweet and I go to the garden; I turn the soil with the shovel and Tweet finds the big juicy worms. He also greets Peter on his way to the garage in the morning. And, lately, we are finding Tweet hanging out on the deck waiting for someone to come outside. I think he's lonely. Most likely he's way too snobby for those "other raised" robins.

Aw Tweet - rain and perhaps a T-storm tonight...hang on tight to those tree branches.

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  1. I just had my Berner, Janey groomed on Thursday of last week and I understood your comment regarding the feel of a freshly bathed feels so good!!! WAHOOEY!!! She is so beautiful (not that she wasn't already, even at her dirtiest self!)


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