Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cool Dog Toys!

I purchased some cool dog toys at Costco today. They are called "Ballistic Ruffs!" Three, well made sturdy toys retailing for 9 bucks. The package insert says (and yes - they are "in love" with exclamation points!).

Dino, our crazy chewing 2 year-old Golden, inspired our search for a more
durable material that would allow his toys to last longer than average toys.
Our Ruffs are the result of this search! They are more durable and just as

Your dog will have many hours of fun interacting with our new toys and
with you! Enjoy!

Bogart (toy snob) promptly took the blue one (he will only accept new toys),
only to have Lola steal it away. Sparkle is chewing on the black one. They do
look sturdy to me and have a really interesting squeaker sound.

Anyway - have a look at Costco - I think they are a good buy. Yes, they are made in China. Did the Golden live in China?

Update!...the cats LOVE the box the toys come in. Hey - a win-win situation.

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  1. love you girl Lola. Congrats to her 2nd point! I like the video clips and your blog site. Thanks for sharing!
    Kris Hayko
    Windfall Kennels USA


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