Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Baths

Everyone has had their spring bath now and I'm too tired to lift my arms to take pictures. I love the feel and smell of freshly washed berners. They are so silky and look like big stuffed toys. I trimmed up everyone's paws and ears - no matter whether they are simply holding down a couch or actually going into the show ring - everyone gets the "show" grooming treatment.

Once I catch my breath again - I will have to do some intense vacuuming as there was a lot of coat blowing going on.

Apollo has never been a fan of bathing and grooming and he whined his way through the entire process and did jump out of the tub and then off table at the end - almost hanging himself in the grooming noose. He does this all the time while I struggle to lift him up and get the noose off his neck. He's bent my grooming arm and snapped my grooming table. So - he only receives a fast grooming since his tolerance for the table is about a half-hour. Everyone else will stand on the table (without the grooming noose) and I can blow dry, brush, comb and trim to my hearts content. Bogart will stand on the table forever - I am sure he would sleep on it if I allowed it.

Of course the yard is still quite muddy but the dogs really needed baths. They will all get another bath in June (assuming no one goes to a show or requires an emergency bath before that). I love doing summer baths because I bathe and groom everyone outside - no hair blowing around the house.

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