Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

Amore's semen arrived via FedEx at 10 am Thursday morning and was deposited into Sparkle at 3 pm. What a marvelous technology - using an endoscope the vet, Altina Wickstrom, was able to locate the cervix and then a small tube is inserted into the womb and the sperm is deposited right smack into the womb (rather than have to swim). I did not take any pictures, but if you go to youtube there is actual video of this technique used on a French Bulldog.

If those swimmers meet the eggs and have a party then we can expect puppies no sooner than May 27th.

R Litter Breeding Cost To Date:

  • 4 Progesterone Tests and 1 Brucellosis Test: $440.78

  • Collection and Shipping of Semen: $305.75

  • Transcervical Implantation: $396.00
Total to date: $1,142.53


  1. Awesome to hear Deb! Keeping those fingers crossed!


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