Friday, April 17, 2009

Lucky Micky

I hear this crashing around in the living room and go to investigate and find Baby Puddy with a mouse in her mouth. The other cats are staring intently at her. I pick her up and go for the door, but she drops the mouse. Me and three cats are scrambling around the living room chasing the living daylights out of this mouse. It scampers into the radiator and I'm thinking - well, this one is now gone into the walls, but Baby managed to hook her paw into the rad and pull the mouse out. Another crazy scramble ensues around the living room (I wish I had this on video). Mouse manages to hide under loads of stuff and then scampers into the other room and scoots under Joey. Joey doesn't even know he is now harbouring a "criminal". He doesn't know why Baby has suddenly decided to poke him under his belly. Mouse escapes the confines of Joey's fur and hightails it behind a garbage can cylinder. I don the oven mitts. With the help of Baby I corner Micky, smack him with my oven mitts and grab him. I toss him and Baby outside. I toss the oven mitts in the garbage.

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