Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry, I Cannot Possibly Do Housework

We are still alive. We plan on doing puppy pictures tomorrow. Every Sunday will be "new" puppy pictures. Pups are doing great - gaining weight and just hanging out at the milk bar. Sparkle is a great mom and watching her at night is easy because she doesn't change position all night. In case anyone was wondering - either Peter or I sleep by the box. We watch the puppies 24-7 for the first two weeks. They are just too precious and even the most doting and careful mother can easily smoother a puppy by laying on it. By the time they approach 3 weeks of age they are much stronger and can pull themselves out of tight situations. This is my perfect solution for letting my housework/cleaning lapse..."gee honey, I have to watch the pups, I can't possibly cook supper tonight."

I would enjoy people sending me their suggestions for "Q" names. These are the rules. The name must start with my kennel name "Kimberlite" and then begin with the letter "Q" and it cannot be longer than 30 characters including spaces. For example, if I keep a boy I am thinking of naming him "Kimberlite's Quenten Tarantino". Here is an nice little link for names*/

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  1. Here are some suggestions: Queran (Irish - means "dark") or Quigley, Quinn, Quincy. I love Quincy!


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