Monday, April 13, 2009

Q Litters Birth - Phase 1

Unfortunately, Sparkle was unable to delivery her babies naturally and she underwent a C-section around 1:15 pm today. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Note some of these are graphic - so don't click to enlarge if you are a bit squeamish.

Masking down.

Belly shaved and prepared.
Ready and waiting on the table.


  1. Wow! What a must be exhausted. We saw the puppies on the webcam - they look like they are doing well. Congratulations. Hope you will get a little rest tonight!

  2. Glad to see Mom and babies are okay. Mary and Don.

  3. Thanks for the pictures - calling them
    the 3 tenors is great - so creative. Gary recognized Brian Gibbs with his mask on before he saw the captions. The puppies are all wonderful and no doubt Sparkle, you and Peter must have a happy tired on right now.
    Gary & Shelley Hoium


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