Saturday, April 11, 2009

Puppy Count

Well - it is still unknown how many pups Sparkle is carrying. We just could not get a good xray (she is so thick). We saw 3 for sure, however, due to her tummy being full of food and her colon being full of poop...we just could not get an accurate count.

She weighs 110 pounds (50.2 kg). She's gained approximately 15 pounds and is 36 inches around the belly. So, with an increase of 12-15 pounds and 6 inches I am estimating that she is carrying at least 6 puppies.

Ophie is not pregnant.

So - now we sit and wait for her go into labour.

Peter tells me that while I was in the xray room with Ophie one of the vets looked at Sparkle and said she would not deliver until Wednesday.

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  1. Deb,
    Sorry to hear you had so much "blockage" in the x-ray! We'll hold off anouncing the winner of the littory until the actual delivery date!

    The North's


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