Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Cost of Pearly Whites!

Last week I happened to find Callie with a broken incisor and so scheduled an appointment with the vet to have it extracted. I figured it would be just a straight forward extraction and also thought - might as well have her teeth cleaned at the same time. Well, nothing is ever straight forward with bernese. Turns out this tooth was quite damaged and the vet could not simply pull it out but had to drill that sucker right out of her head.

I generally scale my own dogs teeth and have never in my 20 plus years of owning berners have had their teeth professionally cleaned. Apollo - my blue eyed sweetie, will not let me scale his teeth. He used to be content to chew on bones but for quite sometime when I offered him a bone he would simply bury it. His teeth became heavily coated in tarter and this was probably why he was not inclined to chew his bones. I brought him in for a dental today.

If anyone is seeing a little smoke wafting from the Saskatchewan area, it's probably because that was when my credit card burst into flames. The bill for these two dogs came to $1460.00.


  1. We have been looking into vet insurance - I hope it would cover dental work as well! I'll be sure and try to read the fine print on that. We may need to try and move closer to my sister who is a vet - so we can get some discounts in the future! So sorry it was such an expensive day for you....

  2. Leslie - I encourage people to look into health insurance for their dogs. Especially those who only have one or two dogs. Health insurance is not something for a breeder - it does not cover breeder things - like C-sections, etc.

    And to cover all my dogs...just not worth it. So, I have to SUCK it up. But, that doesn't mean I can't whine about it. BTW - my vets are awesome. I love them.


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