Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fabreze Pills?

Pal is one gas bag of a berner. She farts. She burps. And they are TOXIC. Too bad this blog doesn't have a "scratch and sniff" feature. Stink just seeps and oozes from Pal. I don't know how many times I have kicked her out of the bedroom because I cannot breathe. I am really frightened of our propane stove - it has an open flame...what if she farts too close to it? Pal will climb up on the couch and have a snooze (obviously she is cooking up some gas) and then she will roll around until she lets out some pressure. She also likes to sleep on her back, on the couch, in a kind of pretzel position and I have literally pushed on her sides and played her like a bagpipe - only she doesn't expel music.

It is too bad that Proctor and Gamble cannot come up with some kind of Fabreze pill that we could give our dogs so that when they do fart they will fill the room with a fresh morning breeze scent instead of some long dead, make me gag odour.

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