Thursday, March 12, 2009

Precious Water

The prairies are quite desert-like. We do not receive a lot of precipitation, nor is there much in terms of potable water. The main source of water for Saskatoon and surrounding area comes from the South Saskatchewan River. When we first moved out to this acreage we had a little well that drew water from a slough. We never drank that water - just used it for the household. Then we put in a 300 gallon tank in the house and Peter carried a little 100 gallon tank on the back of his pickup and would go to the municipal well on the way home from work and fill the little truck tank. I ran my house on 300 gallons of water a day for the next 12 years (not that we used 300 gallons a day). You learn to conserve!
Imagine my delight when we had a 2,000 gallon underground tank installed! Not only can I do several loads of laundry during the week, but we can also drink this water. We have water delivered about every 3 weeks. The pictures here show the truck that delivers our water. I can tell you Peter is certainly happy that he no longer has to pick up water on the way home and then worry about thawing out the nozzle to get the water into the house.
We now use the well water for our gardens and lawn.
Update: I have edited this post to say 300 gallons a day. Peter (my editor)came home and read the post and I had initially said 300 gallons for the next 12 years - I think we should have won some kind of award for that should it be true.

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