Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pilling a Cat and What is that Hammering?

Our old cat - Old Puddy has some kind of respiratory thing going on and has to be given antibiotics twice a day. Well - you'd think we were wrestling a 400 pound tiger and not a 6 pound, 20 year old cat. Peter puts on the oven mits and we wrap her in a towel and then he pries her mouth open and I quickly insert the pill and then he shuts her mouth and holds it closed. All the while her claws are out and if she could make contact we'd be ripped to shreds.

Sometimes we get the pill in the first try - sometimes she manages to spit it out. What an ordeal.

I heard this hammering outside yesterday and thought Peter was doing something (???) -however when I looked outside I couldn't see him. I finally found the source of the hammering. A woodpecker had drilled quite the hole in our siding. I put two cats out in hopes that it would deter him from returning.

We are impatiently waiting for spring to arrive. It must be close as we did smell a skunk the other day, but I am sure he went back in his burrow when the temps dropped to sub zero again.

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