Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nay Nay

We had a great night out on the town last evening. We went out for dinner - tried to get into East Side Mario's, but the wait time was 30 minutes. We ended up at Mano's on 8th St. and were promptly seated. Mano's is newly renovated and is now a more upscale decor along with the prices. Despite the screaming toddler at the next table, we did have an enjoyable meal and our waiter, Blaine, was very attentive.

We had tickets to see the comic, John Pinette at Centennial Auditorium (I know it has a different name now). Now, this place is so much better than Credit Union Place. For one thing, it is an actual auditorium with great acoustics and comfortable seats with legroom.

John is a big, funny man who's entire life is devoted to food and that is the central theme of his show. You'll never look at turnips in the same light again. I highly recommend you catch his act!

A couple of clips for your enjoyment.

Update: I forgot to mention. We parked on the Sears side of Midtown Mall and had to walk 3 blocks to get to the auditorium. We had fully intended to park underground, but when we pulled into the "Sears" lot the underground parking was blocked off. Unlike the evening we attended the Eagles concert - it was a lovely -3C. So the 3 block walk was invigorating - walking off the Mano's supper as opposed to walking to keep our blood from freezing. Our seats were at the end of the aisle, so getting out after the show was simple. To our delight there was no toll booth in this parking lot when we left - WOW saved a big 4 bucks!

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