Thursday, March 26, 2009

Speaking of Critics

OK - I watched American Idol (AI) last night just like 30 million other Boy do they ever draw this show out. My prediction for tonight:

Bottom Three
Melanie Joy Cockrey (I don't know why they don't use her last name any more)
Lil Rounds

I was quite disappointed with Lil Rounds performance. I figured she'd have this one in the bag, but she ended up shouting her song. I am not sure who she was trying to be in that outfit...Tina Turner meets Diana Ross?

Best Performances
I quite enjoyed Adam Lambert's performance and he reminded me of a young Kurt Russell - all dark and brooding. He certainly is not boring.

Allison - she can sing. You go girl.

Boring, boring, boring
Scott - He is no Jeff Healey
Anoop - yes, the boy has a lovely voice but ...snore. He will be safe though.

Who else? Can't remember as they didn't make an impression on me. Oh yah...Gokey...whatever.

Who's leaving?
My guess is Sarver.

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