Friday, March 13, 2009

I Think My Husband is an Alien

I bought a can of Tim Horton's coffee and am hoping that it tastes similar to the coffee that one can get at "Timmies". Peter says he wouldn't know what a Timmies tastes like as he's never had one!

What? Is that even possible?

How can one even call themselves a Canadian if one has never had a Timmies coffee?


  1. Well now I feel like I need to try a Timmies coffee next time we come up. Where do you go to get one? I almost feel like we are Canadian living in Minot, ND but I've never heard a "Timmies" mentioned here.

  2. Leslie - you can't throw a rock without hitting a Tim Hortons coffee shop in Canada. Here is a link for you

    Order a double, double.


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